November 1, 2016

SK1000 UAV Helicopter Autopilot System

SK1000 UAV Helicopter Flight Controller












SK1000 is a commercial and industrial autopilot flight controller designed specifically for unmanned helicopters.

The SK1000 uses high quality Pinpoint ™ MEMS sensors, DUAL ARM 32 bit M4 processors, and DUAL IMU for maximum performance and redundancy. It includes features such as automatic take-off and landing, fully autonomous mission planning with waypoints, semi-autonomous flight with pilot-assist, all controlled via our SK-GCS (Ground Control Station).

SK GS Flight Panel


SK1000 System Features

• GS software with full flight display, and offline (no internet) moving maps
• Fully automatic take-off and landing
• Full autonomous mission planning with waypoints, flight planner wizard, and actions
• One-key-fail safe return-home function
• Full autopilot mode, semi-autopilot mode with pilot assist
• Video display and recording in the GS software
• Built-in auto-rotation algorithm in case of engine power lost
• Watt-hour monitoring for electric helicopters, or fuel usage monitoring for gasoline helicopters
• Redundant safety features built-in
• Backup IMU in case of main IMU failure
• Backup gyro sensor in case of main gyro sensor failure
• Backup barometric altitude sensor in case of main GPS sensor failure
• Internal battery backed clock
• Engineering support available for customization and special projects












System Includes:

1 x SK-1000 Flight Controller
1 x SK-GPSU GPS Module
1 x SK-TELEM1 2.4GHz Telemetry Radio Set
1 x SK-PITOT1 Double-ended Helicopter Pitot Airspeed Sensor
1 x SK-FUEL1 Fuel Flow Sensor (For gasoline package only)
1 x SK-LZR11C Laser Altimeter
1 x SK-T1 Thermocouple Temperature Sensor
1 x SK-GSC Ground Control Software
Plus anti-vibration mount, misc cables

Full Specifications HERE

Electric package $8499 USD – no fuel sensor

Gasoline package $8999 USD – with fuel sensor


Checkout SKOOKUM UAV’s YouTube Channel for videos and flight demonstration