October 31, 2016

SK-900 UAV Helicopter Autopilot System

SK-900 UAV Helicopter Flight Controller

SK-900 UAV Helicopter Controller

The SK900 commercial flight controller is designed specifically for unmanned helicopters up to 25kg, used for line-of-sight operations. It works well with gas or electric powered helicopters.

The SK900 uses high quality Pinpoint ™ MEMS sensors, and an ARM 32 bit M4 processor. It includes features such as autonomous mission planning with waypoints, and semi-autonomous flight with pilot-assist, all controlled via our SK-GCS (Ground Control Station).

GS Flight Panel

SK-900 System Features

• GS software with full flight display, and offline (no internet) moving maps.
• “Flybarless” control, with a long service history
• Works on both gasoline-powered and electric helicopters
• Helicopter health monitoring
• Video display and recording in the GS software
• Up to 50 waypoints
• Altitude up to 300m (1000ft) above take-off point
• Distance up to 5km from take-off point
• Speeds of up to 70 km/hr
• Full flight logging, including photo-survey geotagging
• Vibration analysis to assist with helicopter maintenance
• Automatic Auto-rotation algorithm in case of engine power lost
• Vibration analysis software
• Optional laser for above-ground altitude and automatic take-off/landing
Upgrade path to our industrial-grade SK-1000 system

SK-900 UAV Heli Control system

System Includes:

1 x SK-900 Flight Controller
1 x SK-GPSU GPS Module
1 x SK-TELEM 2.4GHz Telemetry Radio Set
1 x GPSU Boom Clamp
1 x Anti-vibration mounting
1 x USB Cable
1 x Ground Station software
Plus misc cables

Full Specifications HERE

$2995 USD – Available now!


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Typical UAV Control System In-use:

(Helicopter, laptop, gimbal not included)
(Helicopter, ground control station case, laptop, camera gimbal not included)