New LIDAR Mapping Mission

Another successful LIDAR mission in collaboration with our partner IR Technic in Malaysia!

Mapping of hill cliff for the Public Works Department of Malaysia (JKR), for corrosion and landslide study using high-end scanning lasers (LIDAR) with accuracy up to 1cm.

The demand for LIDAR mapping using UAV/Drone helicopters has grown considerably due to lower operating cost compared to full-sized manned airplane or helicopter, as well as mapping accuracy obtained using laser sensors.

In addition, UAV helicopters have the advantages of Vertical Takeoff and Landing, while being able to carry significantly more payload compared to similar sized airplane or multirotor platform, plus longer flight time.

Location: Bukit Jugra, Malaysia
Helicopter: GAUI GX9 50cc gasoline
Autopilot System: SKOOKUM UAV SK-1000 with ground control system and flight planner
LIDAR System: Velodyne HDL-32E
System Payload: 5.0kg
Mission Altitude: 95m
Mission length: 655m
Mission Speed: 15km/hr ground speed

flight-plan img_5794 img_5796 img_5815 img_5818 img_5820 img_5821 img_5822 img_5828 img_5830 img_5834 img_5837 img_5845 img_5853 img_5856 img_5857 img_5859 img_5871 img_5875 img_5891 img_5902 img_5924 screen-shot-1 screen-shot-2 screen-shot-3 screen-shot-4 screen-shot-5 screen-shot-6

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