System Features & Specifications

We design and develop all our system software and hardware, we believe in doing everything ourselves to ensure the highest quality product for our clients.

Optimized for Helicopter

Our control system is forged from years of experience programming for the ultra-demanding “3D” flight in acrobatic helicopter competition circuits. This results in a control system that is best of its class and specially optimized for UAV helicopter platforms under 25kg.

Flight Control Software

Our flight control and navigation software is a graphical application that is tightly integrated with our control electronics to ensure optimal performance and safety • Professional Ground Station software with Primary Flight Display (PFD) • Comprehensive aircraft health monitoring • Offline map display (does not require an internet connection) • Redundant safety features built-in

Mission Control Unit

The Mission Control Unit (MCU), more commonly known as Ground Station, acts as the interface between the ground personnel and the UAV. Our Ground Control Station operates and monitors the UAV as well as receiving flight instructions through the user interface.

Flight Software Features

• Fully automatic takeoff and landing • Position hold • Full mission planning • Unlimited waypoints and actions • Survey wizard • One-key failsafe return home function • Full autopilot, autopilot assist, or manual control via PC joysticks or traditional RC controller • Auto-rotation on loss of power

Flight Controller

• “Flybarless” integrated controller, for high reliability, efficiency, and mechanical simplicity. • High quality Pinpoint ™ gyro sensors, very low drift and high vibration resistance • ARM 32 bit M4 Processor • 4GB flash SD-Card logging • Shielded against EMI, RFI, and static shock • Operating temp -40c to +70c • Optimized for gasoline powered helicopters


• ARM 32 bit M4 Processor • Includes position, 3D compass, and barometric altitude sensors • Shielded against EMI, RFI, and static shock • GPS+GLONASS with 1.0m accuracy, or GPS PPP high-precision with 0.5m accuracy • Near-future option for RTK differential GPS with cm-level accuracy

SK-TELEM1 Communication Radio

• 1-watt, 2.4 Ghz or 900mhz 1-watt telemetry radio (for SK1000) • 115kbs up to 250kbs data transmission rate • Near-future option for video capable communication radio with 12Mbps Ethernet and Serial transmission data • 5 to 15km line-of-sight range with high-gain antennas is to the horizon. True limit will be obstacle clearance and height of ground station antenna • Optional tracking antenna for long range data transmission up to 50km or more

Training, Software , Technical and Engineering Support

UAV systems are specialist equipment which usually represents a significant investment for the customer. Taking into consideration the ongoing costs of operating and maintaining the system, it is only imperative for our client to ensure their staff is fully trained to fully utilize the UAV equipment. We provide a comprehensive flight operation and safety training workshop, ongoing software and technical support, as well as engineering support for customization and special projects.

About Us

Customized solutions that are beyond off-the-shelf products.

SKOOKUM UAV LTD has been making autopilots for micro-air vehicles since 2007. The core business for SKOOKUM UAV is developing and manufacturing highly competitive gyro stabilizers for the Radio-Control helicopters market, and have released a GPS-based assist autopilot on the market since the beginning of 2013. With a deep expertise in aviation, unmanned vehicles, and micro-aircraft dynamics, SKOOKUM UAV has expanded their business into the world of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), to cater the needs for a high performance, high precision, and high reliability flight control system specifically designed for the UAV commercial market. We have since developed a UAV Helicopter Flight Control System that will be unique in the market place. Our head office is located in Vancouver, Canada, and our Asia office is based in Kuching, Malaysia.

  • • Shielded against EMI, RFI and static shock, operating temp -40c to +70c

  • • High quality Pinpoint ™ gyro sensors and ARM 32 bit M4 Processor

  • • Industrial and commercial grade components for superior performance and reliabily

  • • One-on-one engineering support and software customization available for special projects

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